Kids inC. (K - Grade 5)

Sunday Morning Showtimes - 10:00AM

Kids inC. is a children's ministry designed for kids in the twenty first century, not the eighteenth. Kids inC. is a nontraditional approach to Sunday School. Ages 5-12 come together in our town of Kids inC. to learn and worship together. We use drama, puppets, games, music, multimedia, movies, a visually stimulating set, fun, fun, and more fun to grow a love for God in the kids.

Our goal is to lay the foundation for Godly thoughts, attitudes, and actions in a fun and creative way. Our program is developed to meet the learning needs of the current generation. The kids of Kids inC. learn to love God through:

  • Explosive lessons that sometimes literally explode 
  • A town where the only kids are allowed
  • The wave, not the one your thinking of, the worship wave
  • Puppets that just love to chatter
  • Oh yeah, and we have fun games and a treasurey full of loot