What is a Resource Kit?

A resource kit is a great tool for communicators. A resource kit contains all the resources needed to recreate original messages presented by Pastor Chester Mitchell. Each kit is completely downloadable so you can have the resource right when you need it.
  • Each kit contains:
  • Audio messages
  • Original message outlines
  • Creative Elements Document (this document outlines all ideas that were used for thematic elements of the sermon series)

What is a Print Kit?

A print kit is a companion element to the resource kit. Print kits contain all graphics, artwork, and logos used for the series. Most contain poster size graphics, jpeg files for use on the screen and bulletins, and any additonal artwork that was used. 
Print kits are completely downloadable and allow for minor editing to add in your church name, date of series, etc...
Print kits used in conjunction with the resource kit creative elements will set the tone and reinforce the look of your series.