Guest Speaker:

Dr. Marcus Cobb      
Cincinnati, Ohio
Guest Speaker: 

Jennifer Cobb

Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. Marcus Cobb is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati twice over;
earning both his B.S. in biology and his M.D. degree as a Bearcat.  After
completing a three year residency in Internal Medicine at the Good Samaritan Hospital of Cincinnati he began a 17 year career as a private practitioner in Primary Care Internal Medicine.

In 2007 he completed the Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Functional & Regenerative Medicine. This involves a shift from the disease-based allopathic model practiced by most American physicians to a wellness-based  model that seeks to optimize the health of the individual. Dr Cobb will work with your Primary Care Physician to coordinate your care and achieve optimal benefit for the patient. Instead of relying solely on prescription drugs, Dr. Cobb employs an evidence-based,  Holistic & Integrative approach, that measures system imbalances and corrects them using natural means. This approach has proven both medically effective and cost-effective for 90% of the common ailments that Americans face.

In 2008 Dr. Cobb founded Healthy Pursuit Medical Center LLC for the purpose of providing customized, individualized care for patients who are not content with chasing symptoms, but instead wish to identify the underlying causes of disease so they can be corrected. We believe this style of medicine will be a perfect fit for our mission here at Spine & Neuromuscular Associates of SEI, PSC.  Dr. Cobb, along with Jennifer, his wife of more than twenty years, serve at Living Word Apostolic Church in Aurora, Indiana. Mrs. Cobb is a popular conference speaker across the United States and abroad. Their son, Jeremy is a champion Bible Quizzer and a budding thespian.

He is actively involved in many community and civic organizations. In addition he is a public speaker on multiple current health topics 
 Jennifer Cobb was born in Jamaica, and did most of her schooling in
London, England.  She received her teacher's training in Elementary
Education and Physical Education at The London University, Goldsmith
College.  She taught school in England, Canada, and the USA.
She is the wife of Dr. Marcus Cobb and mother of Jeremy, a champion Bible
Quizzer. She attends Living Word Apostolic Church in Aurora, Indiana. Her ministry is international, with conferences in Africa, France, England, Canada and all over the United States.