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Current Series


Everyone knows about God.  But that just the problem. Knowing about someone or something never really gets us to the heart of who they are.  So often we stand on the edge where the talk is about religion, rules, hypocrites, and hype.  The God of the universe has always responded to people who engaged him through the avenue of prayer.  Here is your opportunity.  I dare you to engage and be surprised by what happens when we pray bold prayers. This summer!


It's more than a label or following the rules. It's not simply going to church or adopting a religion. It's a relationship. An insatiable thirst for a daily encounter with God.  An experience that leaves you wanting more. A desire and desperation that takes you deeper. Are you ready? Ready to dive deep into discovering what an authentic relationship with Jesus looks like? Ready to experience the unbounded love of a Savior? We're diving deep together!


You don't just become a great family--great families are forged. Born out of intentionality and purpose, a family built on the solid foundation of God's principles will be able to withstand the attacks of modern culture and ideas. It takes work. It takes determination. It takes God!