Let’s Meet At Starbucks

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Love Is

Feb 04, 2018 | Pastor Chester L. Mitchell

Let’s Meet At Starbucks

We often think that if Jesus were on earth today, he would most likely hang out in church.  It seems that Jesus enjoyed hanging out away from the temple.  If they had Starbucks back then, Jesus would undoubtedly have been known as one of the regulars who sat one on one with people who were struggling with the tension of faith and failure.  The same Jesus who sat with a woman by a well would like to make a connection with each of us.

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If there is one word that gets tossed around in the culture, it is loveHowever what is true love?  Is it just an emotion?  Is it just a fuzzy feeling that lasts for one night of passion? Perhaps love is something that we can only discover when we meet the one who is the embodiment of love.  Love is ……. let’s fill in the blank from God’s perspective. 

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