The Yes That Changed Everything

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Love Is

Mar 04, 2018 | Pastor Chester L. Mitchell

The Yes That Changed Everything

All of us have experienced the moment where we said yes to someone or something, and that one yes changed our lives for the better.  The challenge is:  how can we sure when to say yes or when to walk away? One of the greatest love stories in Bible is about a woman named Ruth.  Find out how her yes changed her life and how we can say yes to God’s big plans for an amazing future! 

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If there is one word that gets tossed around in the culture, it is loveHowever what is true love?  Is it just an emotion?  Is it just a fuzzy feeling that lasts for one night of passion? Perhaps love is something that we can only discover when we meet the one who is the embodiment of love.  Love is ……. let’s fill in the blank from God’s perspective. 

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