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Powerful Surrender

May 27, 2018 | Pastor Chester L. Mitchell


What do heroes look like?  The fact is, the men and women that God used in the Bible were often not the ones we would have chosen.  Why?  Because God always receives his greatest joy by empowering imperfect people to accomplish his great purpose.  The feeling that you are unqualified just might be the thing that qualifies you to become God’s partner.

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It does not feel right to connect power with surrender.  However, that is the point.  God has always operated contrary to conventional thinking.  Over and over again, God seems to take great joy in taking what seems like a negative and turning it into a positive.  That is what made Easter possible.  Beginning with Jesus, every resurrection miracle was ignited by a powerful Good Friday Surrender. Your powerful Easter story is waiting for your total surrender.  The next move is yours. 

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