Yes To My Divine Assignment

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Love Is

Mar 11, 2018 | Pastor Terrence Bridges

Yes To My Divine Assignment

Have you ever found yourself exhausted and frustrated at the end of a day because you just did not seem to have accomplished anything important?  All of us are busy, however sometimes in the clutter of our lives we miss the gentle whisper of the God who calls away from a noisy world, so we can accomplish our divine assignment.  God prepared you for something important and he is ready for you to engage. This is your moment!

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If there is one word that gets tossed around in the culture, it is loveHowever what is true love?  Is it just an emotion?  Is it just a fuzzy feeling that lasts for one night of passion? Perhaps love is something that we can only discover when we meet the one who is the embodiment of love.  Love is ……. let’s fill in the blank from God’s perspective. 

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