Community Groups

Before there were any actual church buildings or established congregations, early Christians met in small groups primarily in homes to learn, teach, encourage and strengthen one another. Some were merely curious about the faith, some brand new to it, and others were further along in their understanding of Christ and his teachings.

The adult ministry at CCC exists to accomplish the same. We deem groups to be the crucial lifeblood for the well-being of our congregation. We gather together to share about our personal issues, all of which relate to the home, work force, our community, and our church. We strive to continue to grow in our relationship with Christ through fellowship, service, prayer, and focused Bible study.

Community groups are an intimate way to grow in faith, practice accountability and become stronger disciples for Christ.

Growth Track

GPS has made the modern-day road trip so much more enjoyable. No one likes the feeling of being lost or turned around. It is amazing how directions can make or break an experience!   Life is undoubtedly a journey with ups, downs and turn arounds. We here at CCC are on this journey with you. It was always in Christ’s plan for us to do life together.
The  leadership team has developed a GPS for individual spiritual growth. We are calling this  curriculum Growth Track. Growth Track is a four-semester discipleship program.

By the end of four-semesters,  you will have the tools to handle whatever this crazy road trip called life throws at you. You will also have the tools to minister to others in need of direction

Get in touch with someone from our ministry team to learn how you can sign up.

Group Schedules

Meets Year-Round

AM High School Students
Leader Pastor Ishmael Bruno
Leader Taylor Martin
When - Wednesday every week @ 7:00pm
A place where young people can bring their questions to discuss  together.  Hangout while learning the importance of leadership, priorities, decision making skills and spiritual growth. Every high school student  has a full access pass to join!
The Gathering - Young Adults
Leader Ashley McCallum
When - Friday every two weeks @ 7:00pm
This group is geared toward young adults who are searching for their place in life. Our groups mission is to fully embrace college students  and young professionals  in our church and local communities.
Facebook Live Bible Study
Leader Pastor Terrence Bridges
When - Tuesday every week @ 7:00pm

2021 spring SEMESTER

Spring Schedule Coming Soon...

Growth track


1.      Essentials - This track explores faith in God, baptism in Jesus’ name and baptism in the Holy Spirit. It also reveals the benefits of becoming a member of CCC to develop a deep root system for your faith.

2.      Habits - This track develops your communication with God through prayer, reading and studying His Word, which will allow your faith to stand the test of time.

3.      Influence - This track reveals your spiritual
gifts of leadership to allow you to influence
others to grow in the body of Christ.

4.      Reach - This track develops your testimony to share your faith cross culturally to extend the Gospel to the whole world!

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