Sundays at 10am

Wonderlings, the youngest of our children, give us much joy and pleasure as we not only take care of them during the service but also teach them biblically-based lessons. Our volunteers provide love, care and developmentally appropriate activities for the children’s engagement. While interacting and exploring with their peers, the children complete their lesson of the day through arts, crafts, music and physical activities.


Sundays at 10am

Capital Kids is a program designed for the children of today. The Bible is taught to the children through varying engaging activities. We lay the foundation for Godly thoughts, attitudes, and actions in a fun and creative way. Our ultimate hope is to see a generation of kids come to know God and be filled with His Spirit at an early age.


Wednesdays at 7pm

Capital Youth, our student ministry, is designed to ignite a love and passion for God in the hearts of teenagers. The students in this group will be equipped to extend Christ’s love to others and live out their faith in a practical and meaningful way. They will be encouraged to serve the church, the community and ultimately, the world. Solid Bible teaching in this group is important to increase the students’ knowledge of God’s Word so that they can stand firm in their faith.

Young Professionals

First Wednesdays at 7pm

Whether you're in college, starting your career, newly married, beginning a family, single, or looking to network, our ministry is here for you. Tailored for ages 19-30, we offer support and guidance from a Biblical perspective.  No matter where you are in your journey, Young Professionals Ministry invites you to grow and connect in a supportive, Christ-centered community.


Ladies' Ministry provides a nurturing space for women to deepen their understanding of the Word of God and to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. Whether you are new to faith or looking to deepen your spiritual journey, Ladies' Ministry welcomes you.


The mission of Forged Men's Ministry is to cultivate strong relationships with our Jesus and with each other. Through our fellowship, we aim to empower men to grow spiritually and find a Christ-centered refuge. Together, we can forge bonds that will last a lifetime, rooted in our shared commitment to our faith.