Let's follow Christ completely. This means to follow Him utterly, absolutely, with heart and soul, and without any reservation.  Our prayer is that no matter what area of ministry we choose to work in, that we all develop a wholehearted desire to serve God in that ministry.  

Missions is the perfect way to demonstrate being wholehearted in service to our Lord Jesus
who was the ultimate servant and gave His life for us, wholeheartedly! 

We can be wholehearted by:
• Serving with our whole heart without any reservation.
• Eagerly committing and sticking to the task.
• Staying connected to the Great Commission  
with all of our heart and soul.

Actions you can take today:
1. Volunteer in person
2.  Make a monthly missions pledge below
3. Support missionary families via social media
(ie: Facebook, Instagram, text, email, video call)


Missions Pledge Card

Your contributions help support over 40 GLOBAL and NORTH AMERICAN MISSIONARY families with whom Capital Community Church partners, as well as our strategic partners and  special Missions projects.